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My name is Laurence, I work with Sebastian Moradiellos, casting director at Mcasting in Brussels; I am writing to you because I came across your site.

We are currently working on a feature film "Paris, Paris", directed by Isabelle Tollenaere. The film is a fiction, and tells the story of migrant people who live in Paris and learn French there. People must also be able to play and speak English .

 It's a beautiful story of mutual aid that links characters with a difficult past and who seek, together, to obtain their papers, and more broadly, to exist in a country that is not theirs.

To find the roles for the film, we want to cast people who have had to migrate from English-speaking Africa or have had a similar experience, or people who are sensitive to this theme and who have worked with migrant people. No comedy-experience is necessary.

We would need to receive applications before mid February

I am obviously reachable by phone at 0497884084 for any questions! I

 Lawrence for Sebastian

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